Making Dreams Come True

We are the most positively minded group of people who love what they do. We love to inspire others with our experiences and to hear your stories and ideas. There is so much to learn and do on this globe. We ensure that everyone who travels with us doesn't miss out on any highlight of their next trip.

The story of  Daily Nomads

Cocos is created with the intention to organise tailor made trips for anyone. We want to share and inspire our stories by bringing people to the same amazing places that our team has seen. 


It started when we lived abroad in Indonesia. From that point of time we have been on the road for the last 4 years now. Living in places like Canada, Sweden and Australia. Travelled to the most remote places such as Fiji, Tonga but also North Korea.


We always organised trips for friends and family. This is in our blood, to design the most perfect trip for others. The people we helped always came back with a huge smile saying that the trip was not the trip is was without our input and advices. 


Because so many people are asking us for help, we decided to start a company. To do what we love to do, which is organising trips all across the globe for people like you. Those trips could be to another city but also a 6 month holiday around the world. 

Robin van Popering


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