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We at Daily Nomads are an international team, having a lot of travel experience from around the world. We provide tailor made trips to ANY DESTINATION in the world for anyone. We organise honeymoons, photography trips, dive trips, group tours for schools, businesses but also low budget holidays for backpackers and students. We can organise any kind of trip for the cheapest possible price. How? Because we use no middle man or other agency in the process. We are in direct contact with the airlines or hotels. Leaving the commissions of third parties out.


If you do not want to book a trip at Daily Nomads Then you can choose to get a tailor made booklet about your trip. It includes practical information about your destination(s) such as which currency is used, timetables of busses, trains and an in depth view about the city or the whole trip. The booklet includes a detailed plan of what you can see from a day to day basis. Such as a personal road-map where you will see how to get from point A to point B throughout the trip. It will show you which activities you can do, from diving to shooting at a shooting range. If it is possible at your future destination you will know it!

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