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To give you some inspiration for your next trip, we have listed a couple of dream vacations that customers already booked at Daily Nomads. 

City Trips


So many cultures, so many cities.

There are hundreds of cities in the world. Each one is different and who does not like to explore a new city for the weekend?


City trips are the most commonly booked at Daily Nomads starting at €30 per person for a weekend. 

We can book every part of your trip, the transportation, hotels and excursions. Or what most customers do, you can order the tailor made booklet for your short trip away. Explaining all you need to know about the next city you will visit! For more information check Services.

World Trips


9 countries in 1 trip?

We arrange the best "around the world" trips for everyone. Personalised based on your needs and wants.


As example: Start in Holland

countries: Norway, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea and Palau. All this for just €2300 incl. 15 Flights and hotels for 3 months. From backpacker hostels to 5 star resorts. 


Do you want to make a world trip but you do not know how to manage? Book at Daily Nomads.



Where the most friendly people live.

From white beaches in Uluwatu to cliff jumping in Nusa Penida. When you go to Bali the options are endless on what to do. Want to climb a volcano? Surf? ride a motorbike on the beach? Relax at your 5 star resort? It is all up to you!


People keep coming back to Bali because there is everyday of the year sunshine, prices are low and people are smiling from happiness. 


This place on earth is special. Book your trips now!

Canadian Rocky Mountains


It will leave you speechless.

Canadians are very friendly and their nature is mesmerising. When you visit this enormous country one would not expect its beauty. 

Ski in Whistler, one of the worlds best skiing destinations, visit Banff and Jasper national park to make the most beautiful road-trip of your life. In the middle of nature, seeing Sphynxs, Bears and landscapes. Or maybe explore the Northern lights in the Yukon while dogsledding? 

If you ever wanted to go, go now before the mass tourism!



Let’s go down under mate!

In this example, we show you some pictures of the Eas-Coast trip in Australia. From Melbourne to Sydney and from Sydney to Cairns. 

Passing cliffs, islands, wildlife, rain forests and the most beautiful beaches to surf. There are opportunities to party or to enjoy a beer while watching the sunset. You can spend 3 years exploring Australia but most people visit for about 25-30 days which is enough for either the East or the West coast.  

Book the trip and explore the country in your 4X4!

South Africa


Where lions are king.

South Africa is THE destination to go on safari. With the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Visit Kruger National Park or visit the Serengeti, a private park to see the best wildlife. 

You can spot the Big five, the Buffalo, Rhino, Lion, Elephant and the Leopard. 

Not interested in wildlife? Visit Cape Town, climb the Table Mountain, visit Nelson Mandela's prison sell or say to the penguins. Not exciting enough? You can also go cage-diving with the great white sharks in Gansbaai!



Every honeymooners dream.

Wanted to go to paradise? Then you should definitely go to the Fiji! Which lays in the Pacific, surrounded by hundreds of other countries and islands that are unheard of. 

White beaches, beautiful sea-life where the corals are untouched. The locals are not used to people from western countries which will make you re-think life. The life style is laid back and when at the islands, the sun shines every day of the year!

Recommended trip: Go island hopping on the Yasawa Islands. 



Where you kiss with your nose.

Always wanted to see the Northern Lights? We organise trips to Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian Lapland. 

There are many activities you can do. Explore Lapland with dogsledding, also known as the Arctic Uber. Or go Ice-climbing against a frozen waterfall. Not dangerous enough? Book a snow-scooter tour through the wilderness!

There is a lot to do in the arctic! For more information contact us now!

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